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The Geography of America’s Dysfunctional and Racially Disparate Youth Incarceration Complex, Youth First

Annie E. Casey Reports on Juvenile Justice Issues

New Jersey Parents’ Caucus

The New Jersey Parents’ Caucus, Inc. is a coalition of parents, caregivers and youth whose mission is to ensure that every family who has children with special emotional and behavioral needs is given an opportunity to play a strong and active role in the conceptualization, development and delivery of effective and timely services in the mental health, juvenile justice, child welfare and special education systems. Below are a series of resources the Parents’ Caucus developed for families directly impacted by the system:

Navigating the Juvenile Justice System: A Family Guide

English language

Spanish language 

NJ Youth Justice Initiative

2017 Publications

Beyond Bars: Keeping Young People Safe at Home and Out of Youth Prisons, National Collaboration for Youth

Breaking Down the Walls: Lessons Learned from Successful State Campaigns to Close Youth Prisons, Youth First

2016 Publications

Bring Our Children Home: Ain’t I A Child, The New Jersey Institute for Social Justice

Jurisdiction Survey of Juvenile Solitary Confinement Rules in Juvenile Justice Systems, Lowenstein Sandler for the Public Interest

The Future of Youth Justice: A Community-Based Alternative to the Youth Prison Model, National Institute of Justice, Harvard Kennedy School

2015 Publications

Closer to Home: An Analysis of the State and Local Impact of the Texas Juvenile Justice Reforms, Council of State Governments

Getting it Right: Realigning Juvenile Corrections in Ohio to Reinvest in What Works, Schubert Center for Child Studies, Case Western Reserve University

Re-Examining Juvenile Incarceration, The Pew Charitable Trusts [PDF]

Maltreatment of Youth in U.S. Juvenile Corrections Facilities, The Annie E. Casey Foundation

NJPC Data Brief [PDF]

2014 Publications

Unbalanced Juvenile Justice mapping tool, Burns Institute

Burning Down the House, Nell Bernstein

Sticker Shock: Calculating the Full Price Tag For Youth Incarceration, Justice Policy Institute

Safely Home, Youth Advocate Programs Policy and Advocacy Center [PDF]

Youth Deincarceration series, National Council on Crime & Delinquency [PDF]

2013 Publications

The Comeback States: Reducing Juvenile Incarceration in the United States, National Juvenile Justice Network

Juvenile Incarceration, Human Capital and Future Crime: Evidence from Randomly-Assigned Judges, Anna Aizer and Joe Doyle [PDF]

Latest Data Show Juvenile Confinement Continues Rapid Decline, Pew Charitable Trusts [PDF]

2012 Publications

Pioneers of Youth Justice Reform: Achieving System Change Using Resolution, Reinvestment, and Realignment Strategies, Research and Evaluation Center at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York [PDF]

2011 Publications

No Place for Kids: The Case for Reducing Juvenile Incarceration, Annie E. Casey Foundation

Bringing Youth Home: A National Movement to Increase Public Safety, Rehabilitate Youth and Save Money, National Juvenile Justice Network [PDF]

Ten Truths About Juvenile Justice Reform, Right On Crime [PDF]

2004-2009 Publications

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse in Juvenile Facilities, Barry Krisberg [PDF]

The Costs of Confinement: Why Good Juvenile Justice Policies Make Good Fiscal Sense, Justice Policy Institute [PDF]

Cost-Effective Youth Corrections: Rationalizing the Fiscal Architecture of Juvenile Justice Systems, Justice Policy Institute [PDF]

The Dangers of Detention: The Impact of Incarcerating Youth in Detention and Other Secure Facilities, Justice Policy Institute [PDF]

Understanding the Risk Principle: How and Why Correctional Interventions Can Harm Low-Risk Offenders, Christopher Lowenkamp and Edward Latessa [PDF]


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